Please note the following size chart is not universal for all of our costumes, but is specific to the item based on manufacturer.
For the most accurate sizing, please make sure to use the size chart link directly on the purchase page of each item you are interested in. 


Women's Size Chart 

 Size  Bust   Waist   Hips 
 Teen-Young Adult (Up To Size 9)   N/A   N/A  N/A
 X-Small-Small (Size 2-6)  34-36"  25-27"   34-37"
 Medium/Large (Size 8-12)  36-38"  27-30"  36-39"
 Standard/One Size  34-38"   26-32"  35-41"
 Plus Size  42-46"  38-45"  44-49" 


Men's Size Chart 

 Size   Chest 
 Teen-Young Adult   Up to a chest 40" 
 Standard  Up to a chest 42" 
 Plus  Up to a chest 48" 


Children's Size Chart 

 Size   Weight   Height 
 Small (4-6)   34-42lbs.   39-45"
 Medium (8-10)   Up to 62lbs.   46-53"
 Large (12-14)  Up to 100lbs.   Up to 60" 

New Size! X-Large (16-18)  Up to 120lbs.    Up to 65"


Infant & Toddler Size Chart 

 Size   Weight   Height 
 Newborn (0-9mos.)   Up to 18.5lbs.   26" (Approximately) 
 Infant (12-24mos.)  19-23lbs.  29" (Approximately)
 Toddler / X-Small (2-4T)  24-36lbs.  41" (Approximately)